Wealth Management

Effectively manage asset income.
Legally plan the financial structure.

Introduction to Wealth Management

Wealth management, in fact, is a process of a series of financial services, including distribution or planning of income, investment, financing, tax, laws and regulations, and a series of banking services, so as to meet various needs of companies or high-net-worth individuals for safety, stability or profitability of their wealth.

Wealth Management Services

The advantage of our wealth management services is that we have the top blockchain financial technology, expertise and elite team, which makes BTCARD powerful to satisfied the needs of confidentiality, privacy and security. And what we are doing is to create value based on that. We can assist our customer in coping with the change of market environment, the international political situation and meeting the requirements of the regulation and policy. BTCARD aims to be a trusted global wealth management company. We fully understand your needs and provide companies or high-net-worth individuals with the most appropriate solutions..

Financial Instrument Programming

The blockchain financial instrument is an interdisciplinary professional integration, and which is related to the Securities Company, legal counsel, construction and financial technology company partners and so on. Combining with the experience of helping emerging markets and new start-ups design standardized financial instrument, BTCARD can reduce a series of friction cost for the customer as well as control the risk and excavate potential opportunities.

Vision of the Future - Sovereign Stablecoin

BTCARD is now actively engaged in the research of ” Sovereign Stablecoin ” and we welcome any interested units to contact us.


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