In order to set up a strategic cooperative alliance, both parties must understand the common goal and construct a system that both parties can support each other. To build a strong and effective alliance, both parties need to have adequate knowledge of regulations and financial planning, so as to draw on each other’s needs, meet each other’s weaknesses, have their own advantages and cooperate with each other.

Vertical Integration

Applying vertical Integration to financial supply chain can reduce operating costs, make information transparent and effectively increase consensus. The integration of supply chain can start from the public account and common record of the supply chain in the financial industry. However, this part involves a lot of privacy and inconvenience. How to make upstream and downstream manufacturers willing to join the integration through cost-benefit analysis will be the focus of our company’s consultation and promotion of related businesses.

Horizontal Integration

Horizontal integration of the financial industry chain enables core companies to improve industrial concentration, and how to start horizontal integration requires an understanding of complementarity and competitiveness among industries. Our goal is to provide one-stop STO services, so that companies that want to join our system will have the opportunity to be our partners and strengthen our financial industry chain services in the future.

Cooperation Strategy

BTCARD an innovative company, which is trying to develop a new business model . In the process of communication with many companies, we have a lot of experiences, and gradually formed a financial supply chain network. Therefore, we can leverage more effective consultation and strategy of knowing ourselves and knowing each other, so that companies interested in accelerator consultation can cooperate with us and effectively enter the financial supply chain.

Our Partners

Our partners divert from different industry such as financial, construction, real estate, technology, law, accounting, etc. Besides, our ability to integrate resources and industry is our main characteristic, which is based on our long-term analysis and research of the industrial chain. We will also take advantage of such integration ability to effectively find new partners, and initiate communication with minimum cost.


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