Industry analysis

What is industry analysis? There are many aspects of industrial analysis, such as the industrial policy and business strategies, and we usually use Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model to conduct the analysis. However, each method will have certain limitations or blindness, which must be combined with strong practical experience so that we can understand the future situation and formulate development strategies.

Value Investing

Value investing is an investment strategy, which is first mentioned in “The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing” and “Security Analysis” by Benjamin Graham. Value investing involves picking assets that appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic or book value and finding potential. BTCARD is willing to share with you the most professional insights of international situation and policy trend to industry, enterprise and manager analysis.

Venture Capital

All investment is about finding a fair price of an asset, and then estimating whether it is undervalued and worth holding for some time. The National Venture Capital Association: “Venture capital has enabled the United States to support its entrepreneurial talent by turning ideas and basic research into products and services that have transformed the world.”

We usually consider Venture Capital started from the establishment of ARDC in 1946. ARDC aimed to solve the financing difficulties of emerging or small enterprises. Later, these enterprises brought abundant profits so that venture capital analysis became known to the world and once leaded an investment trend.

The venture capital system was first introduced into Taiwan in 1982, and has made outstanding contributions to Taiwan, where emerging or small enterprises are the backbone of the entire economy.

BTCARD also make effort to study venture capital system and willing to provide the most professional, practical and correct information.


Macroeconomics is such a huge issue including policy, geography, history, culture, demographics, industrial structure and so on that any of its aspect deserve a life time study. As being in an era of information explosion, it is important to extract the most effective, relevant and accurate information. That’s why BTCARD are concerned about market trends, or to say, we are concerned about macroeconomic development. We hope to provide the best advice for your.

STO market

STO stands for security token offering. STO can be summarized as a extensiver, more efficient, smaller and more transparent financing model. BTCARD maintains a neutral attitude towards STO market and expects to present a comprehensive and objective analysis to investors.

At present, most of the concerns about the STO focus on the regulations. However,  there already have several successful cases of STO, we cannot ignore the importance of it. For example, tZERO has raised $134 million by Overstock(US); the first STO case in Europe: HydroMiner (H3O); Templum Markets and Vdax. We are all looking forward to a better investment and financing environment in the future, with a considerable range of options for financing instruments and financial plumbing to make the global  economy better!


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