Digital Finance

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Regulation and financial innovation are mutually reinforcing. Financial technology innovation may suffer from frequent regulation changes or high-density of supervision policy. Once that leads to a massive shift of investors pursuing profit to unregulated areas, it will bring huge risks to both sides. Therefore, it is important to set a balance point between regulation and innovation.

Cases and News

Through the latest cases and news and current affairs, investors can understand the current regulatory direction and effectively learn the practical application of digital financial law. In addition, based on the legal case analysis, it is helpful to summarize the key points of the decision and list the disputes in a systematic way, which will help explore the corresponding legal solutions. This column will provide regular updates of legal news and insights.

Security Token

Security Token is just like traditional investment tools such as stocks, bonds, funds and real estate securitized assets. The token represents the rights and obligations of the holder to a company or asset , and can categorize into Debt Token and Equity Token by the assets they are linked to , and the issuer can set other rules for tokens. How to comply with regulations and issue security token will be the most important information investors need to know.

Digital Privacy

According to Hung, Humphry and Wong, Y.H. (2009) Digital Privacy is a collective definition that encompasses three sub-related categories; information privacy, communication privacy, and individual privacy. And according to Nicholas Martino ,that is often used in contexts that promote advocacy on behalf of individual and consumer privacy rights in digital spheres, and is typically used in opposition to the business practices of many e-marketers/businesses/companies to collect and use such information and data. This web page will regularly update the relevant digital privacy standards for users’ reference.

Cross-border Payment

Cross-border payment is one of the scarce fields that the conservative financial institutions are willing to adopt blockchain technology. However, whether Deutsche Bank joins JPMorgan-led blockchain network or not, institutions and companies still face a globalized society with more frequent population flow, which makes cross-border payment an opportunity and challenge.

This section involves international financial regulation, know your customer and cross-border financial regulations such as anti-money laundering law, which requires comprehensive consideration of various factors, so that our company can design a legitimate company structure for our clients.


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