Consulting Service

Legal advice for legitimate compliance. Flexible use of features of laws.


The company provides traditional financial and digital asset transaction consulting services. Our team will analyze the regulations across different jurisdiction , legal risks, tax planning and international financial regulations step by step in a systematic and logical consulting process, so as to make the legal regulations become the umbrella of transaction and the best weapon of cost reduction.

Comparative Laws and Regulations

We have the most professional interdisciplinary legal talents to integrate and communicate digital financial information with financial and technology legal professionals to keep your company in line with the latest laws and regulations. In addition, the latest accounting standards of various countries are also an indispensable research area when our company conducts financial trend analysis.

Legal Risks Analysis

We will discuss the relationship between political trends, economic development, cultural traditions, business habits and legal risks from multiple perspectives, so that your company can thoroughly understand the investment target from the inside out . Not only will we make the standard become the commercial foundation, but also let your company make full use of the law as the best protection for investors.

Tax planning

Tax law plays an important role in mergers and acquisitions. Professional financial legal and accounting analysis is required for the sale of intangible assets or tangible assets. In addition to providing tax planning in traditional finance, we also provide tax consulting on digital finance and financial instruments.

International Financial Regulations

The constantly changing international financial regulations are an important source of analyzing the regulations of digital financial law. In addition to relevant regulations of traditional anti-money laundering laws and know your clients , new types of digital currency and digital assets regulations, and digital privacy laws, we will provide legal services when you seek digital financial legal advice.


Traditional financial legal consulting centers on legal risk, legal interpretation, case analysis and so on. But several financial field is different from general legal regime, the required legal advice is dominated by business model and process. In the process of business consulting, whether it is a business model, business plan writing, asset management and investment analysis, there are corresponding legal issues. Therefore, we designed a series of legal consultation according to the business consultation process.


Legal Research

Strategic Consulting

Legal Structuring

STO/DSO Contracting

KYC/AML Compliance

Securities Laws Compliance​

Prospectus Drafting

Investor Memoranda

Our Services

Integrated Legal Service

In the past, legal services focused on in-person consultation through documents and online documents, but digital finance requires interdisciplinary integration of talents to serve as a bridge between the technology industry, the financial industry and the legal industry. Our legal and financial personnel have rich experience in cross-field cooperation, which can reduce the communication cost and greatly increase the efficiency of financial transactions when you seek lawyers outside the company.

Legal Consulting Process

  1. Establishment of Business Model
  2. Business Strategy Planning
  3. Interdisciplinary Communication
  4. Legal Risk Analysis and Planning
  5. Compliance for Business Landing

Service Contents

  1. Cross-domain Integration: The connection and communication across the technology, finance and legal fields
  2. Pre-review of Documents: Pre-review of contracts, laws, and related documents for initiation
  3. In-time Consultation: Instant telephone consultation, answering for key questions and consultation
  4. Online Appointment: Complete arrangement of consultation, arrangement contact and clipping across industries
  5. Document Drafting: Draft standard contract content and integrate relevant documents for further uses
  6. Firms Cooperation: Complete the first draft of the document for the firm's reference and finish writing afterwards

Our Legal Partners


Prosecutors and Judges

We have connection with many experienced and knowledgeable financial prosecutors and judges to consult them on the latest legal trends, reduce legal costs when business models are launched, and improve investor protection and prospectus. Compared with the traditional lawyer-centered consultation mode, we use the strategic cooperative network to complete the consultation and integration service with lowest cost .

Legal Advisory Board

We cooperate with lawyers and paralegals in the field of multiple law regimes to communicate and integrate legal opinions at the least cost, and provide the most complete legal consulting services, and integrate the opinions of prosecutors and judges above to make a complete legal risk analysis.

Economic administrative law

International law

Financial regulations

Civil and commercial law

Corporate tax code

Digital finance Regulations

Digital privacy act

Procedural law


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