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In addition to providing traditional financial business plan writing, our company can also bridge the gap between digital finance and your physical and digital assets. This digital finance business plan combines the characteristics of previous public offering prospectuses with the characteristics of technology white papers: the focus of our consulting services will be on how to enable investors to understand digital finance and use the platform technology we provide to achieve the financial inclusion that traditional finance cannot achieve.

The executive summary

Business description


Organization management


Funding requirements

Financial projections

Features of Business Plan for Digital Finance






Type Business Plan Whitepaper
Audience Mainly For Investors Mainly For Technicians
Contents Business Strategy Technical Details
Purpose Investment Technology
Values Business Models Tech Solutions
Let us draft both of them for you.

Business Plan Consulting Process

Business Plan Introduction

Digital finance is different from traditional finance. Besides replacing traditional finance, many functions of digital finance cover the aspects of cash flow, strategy, law and technology , which requires a coordinator to integrate every aspects. Therefore , our consultation process is as follows :

Basic Analysis Process

  1. Financial Industry Chain Analysis for Developing country
  2. Industry Competitiveness Analysis for Developing country
  3. Industry Repositioning/Transformation for Developing country
  4. Writing Business Plan

Tell Us About You

We will ask questions about your project needs, industrial pain points and other key issues, and analyze the cost and benefit of the company’s current business solutions with accurate data. Our company mainly serves fintech, and we have highly professional people who regularly do research to draft customized business plans. Our business plan is different from the general company. We study the company itself in the way of individual and general economy. We use the analysis of the trend of digital financial industry supply chain restructuring to make a pioneering forecast and analysis for various traditional financial industries that want to enter the digital financial industry.

Researches & Features

  • Researches
    1. Digital Asset Conversion and Transfer
    2. Digital Currency Circulation
    3. Stable Coin and Supply Chain Finance
    4. Landing Strategy for Digital Finance
  • Features
    1. Customization
    2. Pioneering R&D
    3. Business Landing
    4. Professionalization

Planning and Strategy


The business plan is a customized product, and the company’s characteristics will be presented in qualitative and quantitative descriptions. Our expert team will analyze the company’s financial situation with data and structural data, and use written materials to prove the feasibility of the strategy. Our business plan is designed to be executed quickly and is not focused on flowery rhetoric. We will use accurate data and qualitative data to estimate the company’s current operations and future development.

Service Features

After the consultation on industrial competitiveness (see 3.2.2), we will enter into the research and writing of business plan. However, the biggest difference between traditional and digital financial business plans is legitimacy and implementation. In terms of legitimacy, legal and political risk will be our main consideration. Because digital financial has not been perfected under the condition of the laws and regulations , there will be many unforeseen legal issues and political risk; In terms of landing, as there are still many unknowns, how to land the business model is still a problem.

Business Plan Outline (1) – Longbay Shopping Street

  1. Analyze the Types of Feasible Financial Instruments and Compare Relevant Instruments
  2. The Feasible Way of Raising Funds and Making Profits In This Case
  3. Analyze the Application And Characteristics Of Financial Instruments
  4. Analyze the Advantages/Disadvantages Of The Characteristics Of Financial Instruments to Investors
  5. The Company’s Financial Management and Financing Methods
  6. Blockchain Platform Acts as A Mechanism To Accelerate Circulation

Business Plan Outline (2) – PNG Project Nexus

  1. Construction of Inclusive Finance: Centralization Under Decentralized Technology
    1. (1) National Characteristics: From Tribal Trade to Financial Technology
    2. (2) Nexus Goal: From Energy Node to Blockchain Transaction Platform
    3. (3) Conclusions: Microfinance and Political Cohesion Under Inclusive Finance
  2. Energy and Information Node Design
    1. (1)Advantages of Nexus
    2. (2)Expanding Potential
    3. (3)Financing for Equipment
    4. (4)Principal and Interest Recovery Methods
  3. Nexus Equipment – Beyond Radio

Case Analysis

Libra – Analysais of Emerging Markets Cryptocurrency – By Jack Hsu

Business Analysis

  1. Libra has real reserves backed by cash and government bonds. Although some of the underlying assets are interest-bearing financial instruments, the benefits do not fall to the shareholders of Libra. Instead, the heavyweight supporters of Libra – Visa, Mastercard, Uber and other partners with voting rights in reserve management will receive interest generated by investing in the reserve through Libra. Libra users only use tokens to trade. The regular adjustment of the reserve basket may make Libra users earn or lose very little.
  2. Libra , which is an investment token, seems like bank of America stocks, whose value comes from expected future cash flows, but real Libra stable coin is like a check. You can deposit money in a U.S. bank, but it is only worth its face value. Instead of buying Libra, cryptocurrency speculators may want to buy the shares of groups that own Libra’s investment tokens.
  3. Libra – in countries lacking financial infrastructure – may be useful in international exchange, depending on whether exchange fees are lower than existing payment options. Some emerging markets would be a viable place, with cheap Internet and mobile phones, a dysfunctional monetary system and weak financial regulations.

Legal Analysis

The cross-sovereignty and money-issuing functions based on Facebook indirectly contribute to the following possible scenarios:
  1. Facebook has delayed the issuance of Libra until 2021 Facebook has come under intense regulatory scrutiny over the scandal, as well as negative reactions from international agencies, and details of how Libra operates have yet to be determined, making it highly unlikely to launch in 2020.
  2. Libra works with regulators to change business content Libra is regarded as a potential threat by financial institutions due to its feature of promoting almost instant transactions. Global regulators also worry that Libra may be used for money laundering and terrorist financing, which are directly related to identity identification. Moreover, regulators may also require restrictions on sending or receiving Libra objects, which may limit the business of Libra.
  3. Libra abandons dollar peg Libra may end up abandoning its link to the dollar, as the greenback abandoned the gold standard in 1971. Moreover, loans run by facebook may threaten the effectiveness of tax revenues and even lead to the excessive expansion of the dollar. Although such an assumption may seem extreme, Libra, whether issued privately or by the government, is likely to change the relationship between society and legal tender.
Summarized From CommonWealth Magazine(Sept. 24, 2006) – Facebook Libra (Sept. 24, 2006) and how do I make money from it? ” and from Liberal Times (Oct. 2019/07/03)


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